Lisianthus "King of Snow" Wins Top Prize

"King of Snow" - Enthusiasm for the Pure White Double Flower

In 1990, this lisianthus was awarded top prize at the "International Garden & Greenery Exposition" held at Tsurumi Green, Osaka. During the 1970s, lisianthus reached the upper echelons of popular cut flowers. At the heart of cut flower consumption were important family ceremonies; recognizing this, our company quickly started the development of the gorgeous, voluminous, double flower lisianthus. However, we were unable to create what we had hoped for, as when the seeds were sown, less than 70% grew into double flowers.
After 10 years, "King of Snow" was our hard won commercial success, a pure white lisianthus variety with perfect doubleness in flowers. It became the cornerstone for all subsequent lisianthus R&D.