All-America Selections Awards Gold to 2 Varieties of Zinnia "Profusion Cherry & Orange"

Zinnia "Profusion Cherry" & "Profusion Orange": Strong and Beautiful Hybrids

Zinnia Elegans (zinnia) have been improved for over 150 years, with numerous varieties of varying flower size and double flower. However, they were susceptible to disease in the hot, humid Japanese summer and failed to fully grow.
The "Profusion" zinnia was made by breeding between different species "inter-specific hybrid", which was historically deemed to be difficult. The new variety was disease resistant, and boasted many braches and flowers. It won Gold at the All-America Selections, a competition for the world's most prestigious flowers, held in the United States and aimed at the home gardeners. It was also awarded Gold by Fleuroselect, a flower competition held in Europe. In 2001, "Profusion White" won the same awards.