Evidentiary Proof of the Environmental Cleansing Capabilities of SunPatiens®

SunPatiens® - Enjoy Gardening While Improving the Environment

Environmental cleansing SunPatiens® fulfill the dream of being "beautiful and environmentally friendly." SunPatiens® are robust flowers that continue to blossom from early summer to fall. Compared with other flowering plants, SunPatiens® have the ability to absorb and break down 5-8 times the amount of air polluting carbon dioxide and 3-4 times the amount of formaldehyde, said to be a cause of sick building syndrome.
In addition, the plants' high evaporation capability significantly lowers the surrounding temperature. *1In recent studies, the plants in Floating flower beds have shown a high absorption rate of nutrient salts as well as water cleaning capabilities. *2These are truly plants of the future. SunPatiens® heal our minds and bodies all over the world.

*1 Joint Research: Water level results are from joint research conducted by Yutaka Urano (Doctor of Tokyo University, Faculty of Agriculture) and the independent administrative institution, the Agricultural Institute of Environmental Techology.
*2 Joint Research: From joint research conducted with Yoko Oki of Okayama University's Faculty of Science & Technology.