Release of the Sunflower "Vincent's"

Vincent's Series - Blooming Upwards

We developed the world's ground-breaking, pollenless, F1 hybrid cut sunflower "Kagayaki-Shine". We also released the much anticipated "Vincent's" Series; with similar, pollenless flowers. The flowers characteristically bloom upwards. With round, attractive petals and long lasting flowers, they are easy to use in bouquets and flower arrangements. Depending on the hours of sunlight, typical sunflowers bloom for greatly varying periods of time. "Vincent's", on the other hand, bloom all at once around the 55th day as long as optimal cultivation is provided for, making "Vincent's" the only cut flower able to offer security of supply.
The "Vincent's" series was named after the painter, Vincent van Gogh, who was passionate about sunflowers. For van Gogh, the color yellow was a symbol of 'happiness' and 'hope' and he painted this impressive color in many of his works. His representative work "Sunflowers" is a work that exudes such passionate feelings.