Sole Distributor of Jiffy Products

Jiffy - A Strong Ally of Seedling Production

Seedling production is important, as in the term a "seedling determines half the outcome". Since 1972, we have been the sole distributors and sellers of Jiffy products. Using peat moss from northern Europe as a base material, these products have revolutionized seedling nursing (growing seedlings). Jiffy products, made of compressed peat moss, do not require containers such as plastic pots, and enables robust growth. Moreover, when seeds have been sewn and grown into seedlings, they can be transplanted into fields or containers as is. The products are also environmentally friendly, with no root damage and need for containers. The term 'Eco' was not a popular one when they were first made, but Jiffy creators may well have thought that "what is kind to plant is also kind to the environment."