Release of "Prince" Melon

"Prince" Melon - Making Melon More Accessible

Historically, soft-fleshed, sweet melons were grown in greenhouses in Japan, each one being tended to with great care. It was a luxury item that could not be grown without high-level cultivation techniques. "If we use the blessings of nature in the open field, we can supply large quantities. But then we cannot make them as delicious as those grown in greenhouses. We want to have as many people taste delicious, affordable melons." This belief became our driving force and the "Prince" melon, a cross-breed of melons native to Japan and to Europe, was created. Initially we struggled to produce melons in Japan's hot, humid climate. Through a process of trial and error, the "Prince" melon was born; a melon with high sugar content, a good smell and soft flesh that could be grown in the open fields in Japan for the first time.