"Majestic Giant Mixed", and "White with Blotch", the world's first F1 pansies, win Bronze Medal at the All-America Selections

Pansies, originally a plant that flowers in spring, was grown for a long time as an open-pollinated variety called "Swiss Giant" originating in Europe. Benefiting from Japan's environment as well as innovations in F1 seed production and breeding that resulted in varieties that were easier to grow and flowered in autumn as well, the world's first F1 hybrid pansy "Majestic Giant" was developed.
With an ease of cultivation unseen in usual open pollinated varieties, its large flowers, color, and consistency were recognized both inside and outside Japan. In 1966 the same series, "Mixed" and "White With Blotch", won a prize in the All-America Selections, the most prestigious contest in the American horticultural industry.
With continuous improvements, the "Majestic Giant" brand has maintained popularity for over forty years in the Unites States, and is well-known not just in the horticultural industry but by horticultural enthusiasts in general.