Shunichiro Suda wins the All-America Selections Medallion of Honor

In 2005, Shunichiro Suda (company senior managing director at the time) won the All-America Selections Medallion of Honor.
The All-America Selections was established in the United States 1932, as a non-profit organization with the goals of selecting and popularizing superior new varieties of flowers and vegetables, and protecting the rights of breeders. It is active in introducing and popularizing new cultivation materials to general horticultural enthusiasts from the United States and Canada. It is the world's most prestigious horticultural organization,and the leading seed companies of the world bring their new varieties to compete. In the horticultural industry, the All-America Selections Medallion Of Honor is regarded as an esteemed prize - in baseball terms it would be comparable to induction into the Hall of Fame. Starting in 1936, famous prize winners include George B. Park, Ernest Benary, G. Carl Ball.

Medallion of Honor of the All-Amedca Selections awarded to Shunichiro Suda, Senior Managing Director.