Sakata Seed Corporation to Celebrate 100th Anniversary in 2013 Commemorative Logo to Celebrate 100 Years of Business Corporate Group Slogan: "PASSION in Seed"

Sakata Seed Corporation will celebrate 100 years of business in 2013.
To honor this milestone, Sakata has created a 100th anniversary commemorative logo. The company will use this logo from April 1, 2012 to December 31, 2013 to notify the wider community that it is celebrating 100 years.
Moreover, as part of the anniversary commemorating the company's founding, "PASSION in Seed" has been established as the slogan for the corporate group. Sakata will continue to stride forward in the future, in aiming to always be business worthy of its customers' trust as well as leveraging its corporate motto of "Quality, Reliability, Service."

The 100th Anniversary Commemorative Logo

The logo denotes a large flower with seven colorful seed-shaped petals enclosing the slogan "PASSION in Seed." These seven seed-shaped petals represent seven values incorporated into "PASSION" as a word; the logo's design also expresses Sakata's hope that these values will make flowers bloom in the hearts of all of the company's customers throughout the world and every Sakata employee. The entire Sakata Group will use the commemorative logo from April 1, 2012 until December 31, 2013.

The Corporate Group Slogan

The Group slogan of "PASSION in Seed" was adopted to convey the "PASSION" of Sakata's convictions. While the surrounding world has changed since the establishment of the company, Sakata's "PASSION about seeds" has not. Indeed, this PASSION is part of Sakata's corporate DNA.
The words "PASSION in Seed" is infused with its meaning, "the seed we make is the crystallization of Sakata's 100-year PASSION for development." Furthermore, the seven letters that spell "PASSION" are both an amalgam and expression of above values: