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Policy on Disclosure

Basic Principles of the Disclosure Policy

Sakata Seed Corp. (Hereafter ‘The Company’) strives to provide information which is basically transparent, fair and continuous to shareholders and to all investors. As well as striving to provide the information stipulated by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Regulations for Listed Companies of the Tokyo Stock Exchange we also add information which we believe would assist in understanding our company and we strive to active provide information in a fair manner.

Method of Disclosure

The disclosure of important information which corresponds to that stipulated in the regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) concerning timely information is registered and disclosed, after a prior explanation to the TSE, via the timely information disclosure network (TDnet) to the TSE. Not only is the same information provided to the reporting agencies after TDnet registration, it is also provided on our company website without delay.

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Planned announcements concerning result estimates as well as future predictions.

Other than the past and current facts, the future prospects and strategy of the company and its related companies presented on the company home page are result estimates. These expected future prospects are based on information at hand, judgment, and assumptions at the time of disclosure are presented and updated regularly. Therefore, the actual results reflect the effects of Acts of God, various risks and indeterminate elements and changes in the economic situation and may be different than the estimates.

Silence Period

In order to prevent leakage of the fiscal information and ensure fairness in reporting, the company operates a silence period for a few weeks before the announcement. We decline to comment or answer questions on fiscal results during that period. We trust that the shareholders and the investment community will understand our prudence.

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