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Social Media Policy

Sakata Seed Corporation  Social Media Policy

Sakata Seed Corporation and all companies in the Sakata Seed Group (hereinafter referred to as the "Sakata Seed Group") have determined the following stances, actions, and basic manners to be adhered to when using social media.

Definition of Social Media

"Social media" as defined by this policy refers to media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in which information is transmitted and exchanged between people using the Internet.


By using social media, the Sakata Seed Group aims to transmit information regarding business activities, including products and services offered by the Sakata Seed Group, and to achieve large-scale communication with society and users in order to increase trust and satisfaction among society and users as well as improving the brand value of the Sakata Seed Group.

Protection of Personal and Confidential Information

Do not disclose personal information (such as customer, client or supplier information) without the permission of the relevant customer, client or supplier. Furthermore, do not disclose confidential information (such as development information or unpublished information) under any circumstances.

Compliance with Laws and Internal Regulations

Comply with relevant laws and with the Sakata Seed Group internal regulations and internal guidelines, and also pay consideration to the protection of copyrights and privacy.

Appreciation and Responsibilities Regarding the Characteristics of Social Media

Appreciate that information transmitted through social media is disclosed to the general public and that information cannot be completely deleted after having been disclosed. When transmitting information through social media, be conscious of and take responsibility with regard to these facts.

Status of Transmitted Information

Any information transmitted through social media does not necessarily represent the official announcements or opinions of the Sakata Seed Group.Official announcements are to be made by transmitting information through the Sakata Seed Group website, press releases, and the like.Information on social media is of the time of transmission and may change after transmission.

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