President Hiroshi Sakata

“Our mission is to deliver smiles and health to the world through seeds.”

The history of Sakata Seed Corporation started when the founder, Takeo Sakata, launched Sakata Noen in Yokohama. Initially, our business revolved around exporting and importing vegetable and flower plants and bulbs. However, it soon changed to its current form where we create new varieties and produce and sell their seeds and plants. More than 100 years since then, we have contributed to society through seeds and plants.

Vegetables deliver nutrition to keep you healthy and flowers deliver tranquility and warmth to your everyday life. Both of which cannot be grown without seeds and plants. In other words, the seed business is an essential business for agricultural production. To fulfill this responsibility, Sakata Seed Corporation conducts its business at a global level, including its research station and facilities in 19 locations around the world. Also, ever since COVID-19 started spreading like wildfire in many countries around the world in December 2020, the fun of growing plants was reiterated, drawing attention to home gardening. We have also been offering many products in this field.

Even great varieties require materials to support their growth and solutions that use the latest technology to ensure stable production. We also puts effort into these solutions that revolve around seeds and plants.

While implementing its motto, “Quality, Reliability, and Service.” Sakata Seed Corporation will proactively adapt to the changes of the times. And, through sustainability management aimed at creating a sustainable society and environment, we will deliver health and smiles to the world for the next 100 years as well.

August 2022
Sakata Seed Corporation
President Hiroshi Sakata

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