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The Company may change the terms and conditions/system requirements, so please check the latest version at each visit.

1. Linking

Linking to our website is generally permitted. However, linking from the following websites is strictly prohibited.

  • Link for commercial use.

  • Violate public policy.

  • Link from the forum.

  • Cause or may cause actions that slander, defame, discredit, etc., Sakata Seed Corporation or its affiliates.

  • Mislead visitors into thinking that we are partners.

In addition, Sakata Seed Corporation does not permit linking to any website that it deems inappropriate.
Using the registered trademarks owned by the Company, such as logos and marks, without permission when posting links is not allowed.
When linking, you must clearly state that this is our website and link to our homepage:
The Company is not responsible for third-party websites that link to our website, nor is it responsible for third-party websites that are linked on our website. Also, please note that the URL address of our website may change without notice.

2. SSL

This website uses encrypted communications using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to safely exchange data that needs protection, such as the Personal Information of each customer. The information transmitted between the web server of our website and your web browser is protected by SSL technology.
Furthermore, you do not need to configure any special settings to use SSL. Using web browsers with security functions, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox, with their default settings, the Personal Information you enter, such as your name, address, phone number, etc., is automatically encrypted when sent and received to prevent it from being stolen even in the unlikely event that a third party intercepts the transmitted data.
Please note that if the SSL settings are disabled or the web browser you are using is not compatible with SSL, you may not be able to display certain pages or enter information.

3. Access History (Log)

This website may automatically collect access information of users that is recorded in the log using IP addresses, cookies, web beacons, etc. The collected access information includes the browsing history of pages and articles, time spent on each page, type and version of the web browser and operating system, screen size, referrer, etc. The collected information is primarily used to monitor your access and utilize this information, identify and resolve the causes of server issues, and better manage the website and services.We do not collect personally identifiable information.

4. Recommended Operating System and Browser

When using our website, we recommend using the following operating systems and browsers.Even if you have the system requirements, depending on the OS and browser combination and the settings of your browser, you may encounter display or function issues.Depending on your OS version and your model settings, the website may not work and some services may not function properly on some devices.


OS: Windows 10
  • Browser:

    • The latest version of Firefox

    • The latest version of Google ChromeTM

    • The latest version of Microsoft Edge

OS: Macintosh macOS 11.1 Big Sur (Japanese version) or later
  • Browser:
    The latest version of Safari


  • OS: iOS 14.4.2 or later

  • Browser: The latest version of Safari

  • OS: Android 11 or later

  • Browser: The latest version of Chrome

5. Plugins

Some content on this website may require the installation of plugins. A plugin is an external software that adds features to the software (web browser) other than the standard features. You can download the latest version of each plugin from the following links.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Reader is used for viewing or printing content that is provided in the form of a PDF.

  • *

    No installation is required if you have the system requirements.

6. Scripts

We use JavaScript on this website for a more convenient user experience. The page may still not be displayed as expected if you are using the website with JavaScript disabled. Please enable JavaScript when using this website.

7. RSS

This website sends information, such as the title and description of new articles via RSS, the content distribution format that uses the XML technology formats.
You can get the list of new articles by entering the link attached to the RSS to a browser that is compatible with RSS readers or RSS. (Please refer to the manual of your RSS reader and RSS-compatible browser for how to set it up.)

Available RSS

Update Frequency

News update date

What is RSS?

RSS is a format for sending the title and abstract of a website. It is used for sending news and updated articles.

Terms of Use

  • You need a browser that is compatible with RSS readers or RSS to be able to use RSS.

  • This website supports the RSS Auto-discovery.

  • We are not able to respond to inquiries regarding the features and usage of RSS readers or any other software provided by a third party.

  • We may temporarily stop the RSS feed for maintenance, etc., or change the URL or content of the RSS without prior notice.

  • We may temporarily stop the RSS feed due to various circumstances.

8. Printing

Generally, this website is set to remove any decorative or unnecessary elements when printing, allowing you to print the main contents only.
Therefore, please note that the layout of any printed page is different from that displayed on the browser.

9. Accessibility

The contents of this website are designed to be easily and comfortably accessible to as many users as possible.

[Last Updated: November 11, 2022]