Top page of the “Sakata Seed Corporation Corporate Website”

Sakata Seed Corporation has fully renewed both the Japanese and English pages of the “Sakata Seed Corporation Corporate Website” ( With a new design and expanded contents, the website aims to offer greater convenience, strengthen the communication of information, and spread the charm of seeds to more people. Through the website, Sakata hopes to convey the company’s business and its strengths, foster greater familiarity with seeds closely tied to people’s daily lives, and raise more widespread recognition of the seed industry itself.

On this same day, the “SAKATA Group’s Global Brand Website” ( has also been newly launched to communicate the SAKATA Group’s strengths and each group company’s initiatives toward realizing a sustainable society.


Highlights of the corporate website renewal

1. New design to make the site easier to view and use

The website is simply designed, using the company’s corporate color red as its base tone to give a bright and friendly impression as a reflection of the company culture.

Other efforts have also been made to make the website easy to use. For example, buttons are displayed in large sizes and the contrast between font and background colors has been adjusted to ensure greater visibility and operability.

2. Existing contents have been expanded and “About Sakata Seed Corporation” newly added to offer a simple summary of the company outline

The “IR Information” page now includes new contents for individual investors, including the company’s business performance graph and information on the benefits of becoming a shareholder. Furthermore, the page on R&D and seed production, which is one of the company’s strengths, features information alongside photos on the development of varieties, seed production, and the company’s initiatives to ensure that customers can use the seeds with ease of mind.

The quick guide “About Sakata Seed Corporation” has also been newly added. It introduces the company’s products and services in people’s daily lives and explains the structure of the seed industry to get more people interested in the company’s business and seed industry
who didn’t know about them before.

The photo of “About Sakata Seed Corporation” page

3. New contents added to foster greater familiarity with seeds and the seed industry

New contents have been added that illustrates Sakata’s products and services as a visual map to foster greater familiarity with the company. “Seed Story” is a newly added reading content to offer seed trivia and information on ways to have fun with seeds.

The photo of “Seed Story” page