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 Sakata Seed Corporation recently launched “Broccoli Lovers” (, a global website containing comprehensive information about broccoli such as nutritional values, benefits, recipes and serving suggestions, and more. The purpose of the website is to help people all around the world to enjoy broccoli in healthier and even more delicious ways.

"Broccoli Lovers" mainly contains tips and hints for cooking, typical nutritional values and effects, the anti-cancer effects and other properties of the sulforaphane compound that broccoli is rich in, and recommended recipes. It features plenty of photographs and illustrations to convey the appeal of broccoli more clearly and simply.

 Health-consciousness is currently on the rise worldwide, and people in both developed and emerging countries are consuming more vegetables, which are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Up until now, Sakata Seed Corporation has helped to increase vegetable consumption by developing new varieties with excellent flavors and productivity, but in response to this global situation, we are going beyond R&D to focus on providing consumer-oriented information as well. The "Broccoli Lovers" website is one such initiative. By encouraging greater consumption of broccoli, one of the most nutritional vegetables, we hope to support healthy lifestyles for people around the globe.
Sakata Seed Corporation has been involved in broccoli breeding for many years and has an over 65% market share in broccoli seeds worldwide. As the leading producer of broccoli seeds, we are convinced that this vegetable holds the potential to improve people’s health and enrich their lives. Through this website, we aim to encourage greater broccoli consumption so that everyone will be able to enjoy fuller and healthier dietary lifestyles.

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