“Purple Magic”

“Purple Magic” broccoli developed by Sakata Seed Corporation has been chosen as the National Winner by All-America Selections (AAS), an organization that assesses new types of flowers, vegetables, and fruit from around the world. This prestigious award is only bestowed on varieties that are highly rated throughout the entire region of North America, as AAS conducts testing at various locations with different climates.

“Purple Magic” (*1) is a single head type broccoli and is the first variety in the world having deep purple head and stem (*2). It is suitable for warm to cool season, harvesting in fall and winter at 70 to 85 days after transplanting. It includes more anthocyanin, a type of polyphenol, than regular green broccoli, and features a sweeter taste. The AAS highly regarded "Purple Magic” as a variety with excellent color, shape, ease of cultivation, and flavor.

Sakata Seed Corporation is the leading company in broccoli seeds, with a global share of 70% (*2). We have been breeding many broccoli varieties to provide more opportunities of consumption over the world “Purple Magic” is an epochal variety opens up a new segment of broccoli. We hope that winning the AAS National Winner award will bring purple broccoli to the attention of the world and expand its cultivation.

Advance sale of “Purple Magic” seeds has started in Spain, and we are considering expanding sales to Europe and North & Central America. There are currently no plans to sell the variety in Japan.

  1. *

    Variety registration pending. Variety name: PURPLE MAGIC (EXPORT PROHIBITED), authorized by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan

  2. *

    Based on Sakata Seed Corporation research