The status of the internal systems that are related to the timely disclosure of our corporate information is as follows.

(1) Decisions

In principle, important decisions are made in the monthly Board of Directors meeting. If necessary, extraordinary Board of Directors meetings are held for making immediate decisions. The necessity of disclosing the determined important matters is considered under the guidance of the information officer. If decided to be necessary, we make every effort to promptly disclose these important matters. Auditors also attend the Board of Directors meeting. Moreover, we appropriately receive audits by accounting auditors and advice from lawyers and licensed tax accountants as necessary and put effort into disclosing accurate and fair corporate information.

(2) Occurrence of Material Facts

When accidents, natural disasters, lawsuits, etc., occur, we gather information in the crisis management headquarters after the incident. Then, we consider and prepare for disclosure under the guidance of the information officer. Regarding the occurrence of other material facts, we first obtain information from the relevant departments. If they are determined to fall under the category of timely disclosure items, they are promptly disclosed after the matter is reported to senior management or after the resolution of the Board of Directors, if necessary, under the guidance of the information officer.

(3) Information on Financial Results

Information on financial results is prepared, managed, and disclosed by the Finance Department. Financial results reports undergo an audit by the accounting auditor and an audit by the Audit & Supervisory Board. Then, timely disclosure is promptly made by the Finance Department after the decision of the Board of Directors.