Business strategy diagram

Establishment of a Profitable Business Model

The Competitive Edge of Our Original Varieties

We have built an R&D system that allows us to continually create strikingly original, high-quality seeds and seedlings to enable farmers around the world to farm worry-free and secure high profits. To establish a profitable business structure, we also endeavor to develop and promote the sales of new strategic products that aim for the top market share. In addition, among operational resources, we focus on the key strategic products and put effort into capturing growth opportunities in emerging markets mainly in Asia. We will continue to establish a global profitable business model that is based on the research and development of highly competitive varieties.

Establishment of a Healthy Profit Structure and Promoting Key Strategies in Each Region

Accommodating the Seeds and Seedling Market Worldwide

We establish strong profit structures in regions including Asia, North and South America, Europe, and Africa by expanding into growing markets and establishing a profitable model in mature markets. We also plan and implement specific strategies such as expanding the share of our strategic products in mature markets, and boosting the consumption demand for vegetables and flowers as well as developing merchandise to accommodate the environment of regional farms in emerging markets. We will continue to advance our strategies with flexibility based on the culture and business practices of each region.

Development of a global supply chain to boost supply reliability and efficiency

The Experience and Technology for a Continuous Supply of Seeds

To reduce cost and inventory, we strive to achieve a stable supply of seeds by enhancing our production system, technology, and function. We also develop mechanisms to achieve an effective system for managing global supply chains. We spread our seed production sites around the world and put effort into creating an adequate risk management system and providing supply reliability.

Internal Structural development to Foster Global Enterprise Growth

Future-Oriented Human Resource Development and Organization

To realize a global Japanese company, we establish a human resource management system, develop a management structure, and improve our group management. We develop human resources that can work globally and establish a strong organization and management structure where they can perform to their full potential.

Development of global IT infrastructure to improve the efficiency of management

Creating an Environment That Supports Business

We will redevelop our information, accounting, and supply chain management systems, and establish an IT system infrastructure that is optimal for globally managing businesses and making management decisions. We will continue to establish the optimal system structure for the seedling business, and support the promotion of efficient business.