“We strive to live up to your expectations through continuous development our corporate group”

2022 marks the 109th anniversary of the SAKATA Group. Throughout our long history, we have developed our business activities based on the founder, Takeo Sakata’s philosophies: “A company should be a public entity of society,” “Contribute to society through seeds and plants.” We have developed in tandem with our stockholders as a company that is open to the public; in 1987, Sakata Seed Corporation was listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and in 1990, it was listed on the first section. Recently, it got listed on the prime market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange after the market restructuring.

In order to sustainably develop our business in this era of uncertainty due to climate change caused by global warming and the spread of COVID-19 among other factors, we are expanding our business based on the following five growth strategies.

  1. Establishment of a profitable business model

  2. Establishment of healthy profit structure and promoting key strategies in each region

  3. Development of a global supply chain to boost supply reliability and efficiency

  4. Internal structural development to foster global enterprise growth

  5. Development of global IT infrastructure to improve the efficiency of management

We aim to promptly implement these measures and continue our contribution to society with you. We look forward to your patronage in the future.

picture of Hiroshi Sakata

March 2022
Sakata Seed Corporation
President Hiroshi Sakata

Hiroshi Sakata's sign